A Secret God wants to tell you

She ….the untold

A girl has so much in her but she hides it all 

She also wants to be loved respected accepted 

She desires to be her children’s hero her husband’s heroine 

She deserves and desires the best 

But the question is how to answer those questions of modern Life with help of Bible 

And develop a godly relationship 


So my dear girls i am gonna tell a secret to you

You who hide her tears in front of people

And smile outward go right now read this verse

Don’t be afraid for I am always with you from the beginning till the end one day i will wipe away all your tears and those who believe in me shall be saved I have loved you with an everlasting love ,I have called you my own men love by flesh but I your Lord loves you from your heart ,I love you and you are dear to me

Okkkayy so how you feel after reading this

Good na as if there is someone there with you to guide you love you support you

Yes god loves you trust him cause bible is the biggest love story in the universe a lovestory of god and humans you read the love stoey imagined by humans take time to read this love story and if you dont understand ask him to help you fir he always is there for you

Living a modern Life everyone wants that how to do it

God never said no to living life a modern Life all that he wants is your parriparticip in spiritual life

Let’s look at the verse

Romans 8:6
For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.

Here carnally minded means lusty fleshy materialistic being

Now how can you be Donot be greedy for anything (sex,money,famous,affections,and all that is loved by flesh)

So now your question should be what is of flesh

Sex __ so being a womanizer or being lusted to men (I am talking about both men and women) so talking about sex before marriage is also a sin like phonesex ,sexting ,discussing of how will you do your sex etc even if a boy convince you that he is committed to you and calls you his wife and ask for nude pics then that’s a crime a sin because it is of flesh for God sake sex is a divine activity dont pollute it or mock at it by saying it is for fun because once you die or are on death bed in a severe sickness that time the only feeling you would have is to have some more time or life to fulfill your dreams ….remember being of flesh is always death and we are given a chance to have sex but only with that person who can commit and take care of us that happens after marriage

_Money__another fleshy issue to talk about there is a difference in earning money and being greedy for money and doing anything for it Lord never says no to not earn money but he says be humble enough to help and show kindness to another mind kind who are poor when you are rich god wants you to give to the poor for if you do so the Lords mercy you shall also receive there is nothing bad in being famous ,being good and involved in your profession but all you need to do is give god also your time sincere time and affection to him cause he wants you to worship him n spirit and truth all the ask is you surrender your dreams goal everything to god and see how you prosper make god your refuge for Christ saved us believe in and walk in a spiritual way to live life

The do for you :

1.Be humble and kind hearted to everyone you meet

2.believe in god be of spirit minded believe in christ jesus that he is son of god and you shall be saved

3. Love one another ,serve them even if they don’t forgive them help them for if you do so they will be confused and return you same affection and love

4.serve your lord your god with your heart mind and soul and if you serve you would follow the 10 commandments and these commandments which you will find in bible and above all if you serve god you will say no to evil that tempt you to live a wordly life and then ultimately the wants to kill you so font get tempted to get powerfull,strong for you are powerfull in god ,in job position gi high with your hard work and faith not with evil ways


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