The big question WIVES ??

You might be thinking what i am gonna write about but it is a short poem worth a look

I was writing my journal diary when besides me sat sushma in the bus

The bus was full of fuss a total mess

Sushma looking outside the window

And lost as if she was about to find her shadow

Then she turned to me looked at me i was busy writing

She asked “who are we wives” then smiled and said isn’t the question big

I just didn’t know what to say so i said those same thing that motivate us to be wives “she is man’s helper”

She smiled and said i wish these relationship would seem such sweeter

I said madam you fine

And she could nt hold much long cried and said “yes i am wife i am fine”

Then her stop comes and she goes away

But she is my inspiration today

Wives who are we wives today in this society someone who picks the child and walk day and night

Or someone who works hard from cleaning the house to cooking food to going to college to teach to take the expenses of children school

Or is it about those rich or poor wife but same both are struggling to be perfect for their husband trying to get their attention but fail in getting perfection

Who waits for husband but never says who loves but is not given a chance to express

The problem starts here WIVES have been a question mark ,they are mans helper but the question is IS MAN LOOKING after her psychological , physical , spiritual need ??

First man should fullfill his duty and responsibilities of being a good husband

Then only he can accept his wife to be his helper .

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