Yes i Know its hard enough to wait

Hard enough to say

To someone that you love him after an heart break

Yes i know you are waiting for that sign by god that this is he

Whose love will be your life’s important key

Yes i know you are waiting

Waiting for mr.perfect but your mind can still not forget how your heart was broken in piece

Giving you no more peace

But i also know that lord loves you and he is looking at your fear , desires,wishes,prayer

Everything you ask him is there

For he wants to give you more

So that you look at the gift by god with a stare

He gives you what you need because he knew you when you were like a seed in your mother’s belly

But to let that gift come to you

He will test you whether you are prepared to have the gift that god wants to gift to you

Wait for lord will give you the man perfect for you

Just prepare for the godly relationship and lord will sustain you

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